Max what is your favorite chew?
I wuv Himawayan chews, but my jaw gets tired so I have to bury it behind the sofa pillows and take a nap. When I wake up- its gone???

Zoe which treat do you think is the best?
Mmm that's easy... I love the smell of US made Turkey Jerky in the morning and Wet Nose Peanut Butter Stars are so yummy...Ooooh, tiny tots are the very best. But when I get a Pumpkin Ball I know I am a good dog.... Yah, Good Dog bones are the very, very best toooo.......

Oliver I hear you like toys, which toy is
the very best?
Squeaky squirrel... squeaky duck... squeaky monkey... squeaky bear... squeaky cow...squeaky hedghog... squeaky snake... squeaky, squeaky, squeaky...   
for fun
Zoe has a ruff life.